What tools do pets need for daily care?

Each kind of pet daily care tools and supplies have different functions. The common pet daily care tools are as follows:

Pet shampoo: A lot of people think that human bath gel or shampoo can also be used by pets. This view is wrong. First of all, dog skin is neutral, and human skin is weak acid. If you use the body wash or shampoo for a long time, it will cause great damage to the dog's skin, which will reduce the immunity of the dog's skin and cause skin diseases. Therefore, to choose a special shampoo for dogs, to minimize the damage to dog skin and hair.

Absorbent towel: Whether it's bathing at home or going to the pet store to bathe the dog, the dog must have a separate absorbent towel, which has good water absorption effect and can reduce the cross infection of skin diseases between dogs. Usually the dog goes out to come back to wipe the limbs with the absorbent towel, blow the air duct, it is clean and hygienic.

Hair dryer: Help dog's hair dry quickly.

Comb and comb: All dogs at home, these two combs are essential. Let the dog develop the habit of combing hair every day, which can effectively reduce the formation of hair knot. Combing makes it easy to find and untie knots. The function of the needle comb can help to comb the dirty things on the hair and the hair shed during the changing season. Carding method: generally, comb from front to back with row comb, untie the hair knot, and comb layer by layer from the back to the front with the needle comb.

Nail clippers: The dog's toenails will grow all the time. In the natural environment, because of frequent running, the nails will be worn in the process of contact with the ground. But when the dog enters the family, the amount of exercise is greatly reduced, and the natural wear and tear of the toenails is reduced, so the owner needs to help trim it. Generally about 10 days to trim once, to choose a special pet nail clipper. The dog's toenails are conical, and the nail clippers used by people are easy to split the toenails and cause damage to the dog.

Ear drops (oil) and eye drops: Usually eyes and ears should pay attention to clean. Wipe your eyes with a tissue or cotton ball dipped in eye drops every day. Always check the cleanliness and odor of your ears. Clean the ear canal with ear drops or oil every time you take a bath. If you find ear mites or inflammation in the ear, take your pet to the hospital for examination and medication.

Pet daily bath nursing skills:

We found that a considerable number of respiratory diseases and most infectious diseases occurred after bathing pets. For example, puppies, many owners just bought puppies can't wait to give the dog a bath, many dogs are sick because of this. When the dog in the beginning of the disease, not for people's attention, think it is a common cold, when the disease is serious, only to seek medical treatment, this is very dangerous. We suggest that the newly bought puppies should not take a bath. They can wait until they are over 2 months old and start bathing the puppies after immunization. This will be safer, especially when the temperature is low. In addition, some dogs in the sick period, some due to vomiting, diarrhea and dirty fur, some owners also give the dog a bath. When bathing at this time, we found that it would aggravate the dog's condition, and some even gave a fatal blow. Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to give the dog a bath during illness.

Matters needing attention:

[1] Before taking a bath, you must comb the hair. In this way, you can not only comb the tangled hair, but also remove the large pieces of dirt for easy cleaning. When carding, in order to reduce and avoid the dog's pain, one hand can hold the hair root and the other hand can comb.

[2] The temperature of bath water should not be too high or too low. It is generally 36 degrees in spring and 37 degrees in winter.

[3] When taking a bath, it is necessary to prevent pet shampoo from flowing into pet's eyes or ears from time to time. When flushing, it should be thoroughly covered to prevent skin irritation and dermatitis.

[4] Bath your pet in the morning or at noon. Don't take a bath when the air is humid or rainy. After washing, it should be dried with a blower or towel immediately.